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The camping lantern has long been a staple of any outdoor trip from the original Tilley lamps, the unmistakable turquoise lanterns of former French company CampingGaz to
modern day LED equivalents that we feel have lost a little of the emotion the original lanterns managed to bring; something that made us feel safe and brings back memories
of adventurous events in our lives. And so we knew we had to design our own indoor/outdoor version – something we didn’t have to hide in the cupboard when we got home.

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Our Camp Lamp is a homage… The turned, sustainably sourced wood base holds true to original form and links the lantern with its true environment. The paper backed, wood veneer shade works with the highly efficient LEDs, mounted to our unique cooling fin handle, to produce a warm & inviting illuminance. Rotatable ‘wick winder’ gives a delicate dimming control to the source & textile, USB charging cable connects to run and charge the lamp when indoors.

Materials : UK Elm + Maple Veneer + Aluminium
Output : CREE XPG Q5 LEDs – 720lm
Size / Weight : 270 x 130 x 130mm / 525g

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Red/Green, Grey/Green, LBrown/Green


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